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tiny Bengal Koppie the wild Katz look on a lap leopard

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Tiny Bengal

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tiny Bengal
Tiny Bengal


Koppiekatz kitten

We at Koppiekatz pride ourselves on the health, temperament, and beauty of our cutting edge Bengal Cats. Each Bengal cat or kitten is sold with a written health guarantee, sales agreement and health record.

We have been breeding, raising and loving Bengal cats since 1997. We were originally drawn towards the Bengal breed because of its wild leopard appearance and pure beauty.

The connection between Bengal cat and owner is very unique. The cat demands a great deal of attention and affection. Owners enjoy having a unique houseguest, an “Exotic House Leopard.”

We have a small cattery in Bakersfield, California. All of our cats and kittens are raised under foot. They are a daily part of our lives and a loving part of our family.

Koppiekatz kitten

"Bengal's Illustrated 2017"

Koppiekatz kitten

"Koppiekatz Rio, on the cover of Cat Fancy, for June 2012"

Bruce & Viki Safley
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We are proud members of the following organizations:

The International Cat Association

"This cattery has not been inspected by, and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."

The International Bengal Cat Society


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tiny Bengal Koppie the wild Katz look on a lap leopard
Tiny Bengal
This website was last updated: February 24th 2022

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